A complete video course

Classic Swedish Massage

Classic Swedish Deep Tissue Massage, the Reymond Gryveken method.

My name is Reymond Gryveken and I have been active as a massage therapist for almost 40 years now.

In this course we will go through each muscle and showcase the most common problems and how to treat them. The course is aimed at everyone, but could also be helpful for those who works with massage today. I will not be focusing on the latin names of the muscles, instead I will be focused on the practical and what's important for you to know.

My tip to get the most out of this course is to watch each lesson from start to end to get a basic knowledge. Then watch again, practice each move, pause the video when needed and repeat everything until it feels natural to preform. When you can do each move without hesitation you are ready to move on to the next video lesson. 


15 Video lessons in HD

15 beautiful video lessons, recorded in 1080p "full HD" resolution. A genuine Swedish voiceover explaining each move and of course subtitles in English! (subtitles are optional)

For you, or your loved one

The skill of Swedish Classic Massage will enable you to help your loved ones to ease their back pain, to help them relax and to help them live a better, healthier life. Or buy the course for someone you want a massage from.


Secure payment through PayPal in any currency. Buy each lesson separately or save big when buying all the lessons at once.


You will download the lessons to your device. Watch them however you want, as many times as you want. Copy them to all your devices or make a backup of them to your USB drive. You are in control.

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